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Cervia, from Airborne kite to Zippy Rucksack

Cervia, from Airborne kite to Zippy Rucksack

An alphabetical route to have fun in Cervia. A guide for younger and older children, to discover Cervia, following the letters of the alphabet.

AquiloniAirborne Kite

A sea of colour 

Suspended in the air - fast and silent - kites face, challenge and meet each other in the sky.

Each year, the International Kite Festival gives life to a show of lightness and colour on the beach of Cervia. 

Kites of every shape and size bring joy and amazement to all the family.

Have you ever built a kite?



Biblioteca, libroBooks for children 

One story after another 

Between a swim and an ice cream it is always great to find time for a good read. 

Re-read your favourite book, immerse yourself in a new story or learn all about astronomy.

Thousands of stories and characters await you in the children’s section of the Town Library.


CerviAvventura, bambini sui ponti


In flight, like Tarzan and Jane  

Fly between the pine trees on the suspended routes of the thousand-year-old pine forest of Cervia or experience the thrill of seeing a butterfly sit on your shoulder.

Cerviavventura and the Butterfly House give you unique moments to remember, in total safety and with the desire to head off on your next adventure.





Leaps and games in blue water

Did you know that dolphins can jump as high as seven metres and reach a speed of up to 50 km an hour?

If you are curious to know everything about these fantastic animals, at the Oltremare of Riccione you can get to know the world of dolphins up close.

With dedicated experiences and shows you can watch them leap around and play.

And, who knows, you may even be lucky to see one swimming in the Adriatic Sea.




Equitazione, salto ostacoliEquestrianism 

Saddle up!

What a beautiful venue to see horses competing!

Cervia always amazes with new experiences to try.

Whether you are an expert rider or just starting out you can take horse riding lessons at A.S.D. Lunarda, or watch a competition at Le Siepi Riding Centre

Just be careful that the mischievous elf Mazapegol doesn’t make plaits out of the tails and manes of horses in the stable!



FlamingosFenicotteri, Ph. Angela Raggi - Ph. Angela Raggi

Elegance on tiptoes

Guess who!

They can reach a height of one meter and a half; they have breathtakingly beautiful pink feathers.

They eat seaweed, shellfish and molluscs and stand in water on one leg, balanced in this strange posture. 

Who are we talking about? pink flamingos.

If you are curious to get to know them, we suggest a family trip to the Salt Mine of Cervia and discover the flora and bird fauna that populate it.




In the sea and in the swimming pool

Diving with goggles is even more fun!

Choose your favourite colour to protect yourself from chlorine or salt, then grab the board and immerse yourself in the water in search of a special fish or shell.



Happy ValleyHappy Valley, bimbi in pista

Let the competition begin

Engines on, ready, steady go.

Full throttle on the circuit of Happy Valley Kart of Cervia.

Take to the track and challenge friends and family on a 1000-metre route. 

Along curves hairpin bends and straight sections who will win the next race?



Laboratorio Centro VisiteImmersive fun 

Create, explore, learn 

La Vecchia Fattoria del Parco Naturale, the climbs of Cerviavventura, discovering the bird fauna in the Salt mine, the Musa workshops and the Butterfly House, the trips to the pine forest.

Cervia offers infinite opportunities for learning while having fun.

Choose where you want to start and take new knowledge away with you to share.



Jack SalinoJack Salino

In search of white gold

Who is Jack Salino?

Jack is a good pirate, he robs the most precious treasures of the world from the greedy, so everyone can benefit from them.

During an adventure, at the opening of a treasure chest just robbed, Jack finds a map.

A big X on the map indicates the town of Cervia.

As curious and intrepid as he is, Jack can’t resist and sets off to discover this new destination. 

From the tower of San Michele, passing by piazza Garibaldi to reach the Cathedral of Cervia, he stops at nothing. What will await him?

Set off in search of the hidden treasure with the stories and games you find in the audio guide section: Jack Salino awaits!



Kayak, bambini in canoaKayak

Today we are travelling by …

If you are undecided between bicycle, rickshaw or train, what about trying a Kayak, a type of canoe used by the Innuits, a population from the cold Arctic?

With the possibility of renting canoes and kayaks, armed with a paddle, you can explore the pine forest, sea and Salt mine from another perspective.




Labyrinth DedalusLabirinto Dedalo

Where is the exit? 

Right! No, left! No, have you already passed through here? Yes, well then, you’re lost. 

Don’t give up; with comfortable shoes, fresh water, food and the right company you will succeed in finding the way out of Dedalo, the labyrinth of the Romagna Riviera.

Inside a corn plantation, from June the labyrinth turns into a picturesque and magical site to explore.

If you are an adventurous spirit, Dedalo is ideal for a compelling challenge focused on playing and courage.



Mirabilandia, Ducati WorldMirabilandia

Great fun

The largest fun park of Italy is just a few kilometres from Cervia: Mirabilandia.

The ideal place to experience moments of adrenalin and relaxation with all the family.

With 43 attractions of different intensity, entertainment, restaurants, shops and the Mirabeach water park you can take home your favourite mascot and lots of memories to tell.



Nature ParkParco Naturale, caprette e bambini - Ph. 100FotoPerLaRomagna-yykk

Discovering nature 

A green lung in the heart of the town, the 32 hectares of the Nature Park offers a haven for plants and animals.

The trails are also suitable for bikes and buggies, making the park the ideal place for families to visit.

Choose between a picnic in the botanic route or a relaxing day on the animal farm, and rest at the Binario 9 3/4 before putting yourself to the test along the acrobatic routes of Cerviavventura.

Do you want to discover more on the world of the pine forest? The Nature Alphabet is a page full of information on the animal and plant species which populate it, a small manual which is ideal to start your adventure.



Quaderno delle vacanzeOrnate holiday journal

Your logbook

A journal to fill with the most beautiful memories of the summer.

Take cards, markers and plenty of glue and use your imagination to decorate the pages.

Frame your drawings with the shells you collect on the beach to bring the sea with you forever.



Perfect gelatoGelato

Cone or tub? 

There’s a flavour for everyone: chocolate, strawberry, hazelnut, coconut.

The one thing that will bring everyone together to tackle a hot summer’s day is a good ice cream to enjoy with family and friends.



SecchielloQuintessential rake and bucket

On the beach with toys 

Just a few tools are all you need to transform a stretch of sand into a painter’s canvas for your creations, the only limit is your imagination.

Who will build the best castle or marble track with the most tunnels and bridges?

And if you feel ambitious, you can always try and dig the deepest hole in the world!



Refreshing swimNuotare

A dive among the waves

When the sea is calm and the sun is high in the sky, there is nothing better than to freshen up among the waves with your friends. With friends a swim turns into a game with splashing, run-ups, and somersaults.

For an original day, why not try an outing in a pedal boat with your parents? If there is a slide every dive becomes an emotion.

And for the youngest, or those who can’t swim, there are numerous swimming schools in the lidos to learn how to swim directly in the sea.



TreninoScenic train journey

All aboard 

Take a trip on the magic train!

Lots of itineraries await, from Cervia, Milano Marittima, Tagliata and Pinarella to be able to move easily between the town landscapes.

For a more nature-based stop-off, the train sets off every day in August to take you to the salt pan to discover the white gold.



Trendy UnicornUnicorno

To each his own inflatable

In the shape of a unicorn, crocodile or simply a sea mattress, beach inflatables are always the right choice to tackle the waves.

And when the sea is calm you can always climb on top and make spectacular dives!




Vacanza in famigliaUnique family vacation 

The right fun for you 

The things you can do together are infinite!

Unique activities like trips in rickshaws, motorboat excursions and a full programme of events are ready to give you and your family new emotions every day.

Once back in your hotel the fun continues, between play areas and entertainment.



Vibrant beach tennis and relaxationRacchettoni

A break after the match

After lunch, mum and dad can enjoy a snooze under the beach umbrella but for kids it’s too early to go for a swim: what do they do?

Beach tennis and beach volley are among the most dynamic beach sports that can be played from age 8, perfect for a match with friends. 

If you prefer tranquillity, each beach is equipped for activities such as table tennis, table football, and play areas for kids.

After the games, give yourself a break at the bar: a cool drink or a granita are what you need to recharge your batteries and continue the rest of the day.



Giardino Aalen, Rotonda 1° MaggioWow

Make a wish

Every day a new experience, immerse yourself in the garden city and admire the floral compositions of artists from all over Europe, or discover its origins in the old town.

The opportunities to have fun are never ending, to the events and theme parks, for a truly AMAZING holiday!




X marks the pointMappa Jack Salino

Find the treasure 

Solve the puzzles and reach the destination: a treasure awaits!

There are many ideal places for a treasure hunt on the beach and in the pine forest.

Or set off, like Jack Salino in search of the treasures of Cervia, to discover the white gold in MUSA and in the salt pan.






At the YAMM Festival of Milano Marittima children can also exercise their balance thanks to Yoga Family, a yoga masterclass dedicated to the whole family.

Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the beach and the pine forest to relax body and soul in this activity which is also suited to beginners.




Zippy rucksackZaino

Ready, steady, go!

There are so many possible trips in Cervia!

During an afternoon snack in the pine forest with your parents or while playing with your friends on the beach, the rucksack will be your companion of a thousand adventures.

Pack up toys and snacks: there are new places to explore every day.

Cervia, from Airborne kite to Zippy Rucksack

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