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Azdora rabbit

Seasoned with tomato and olives, rabbit is the star of a traditional, simple and tasty dish

Beef fillet au naturel

The tenderness and flavour of the fillet accompanied by bread crumble and asparagus

Chicken with sweet Cervia salt

The perfect recipe to enhance the goodness of sweet Cervia salt

Fillet of veal in salt crust with herb sauce

A fine cut of meat wrapped in a salt crust and a fragrant sauce

Fillet steak with herbs on a Cervia salt tile

Succulent beef flavoured with rosemary and bay leaf, cooked in a special way

Rack of lamb with Cervia salt and fossa cheese fondue

Lamb flavoured with Cervia salt and herbs with mashed 'Rossa di Imola' potato

Roast chicken meringue with Cervia salt

A simple main course that surprises the eyes and palate

Roast in crust

Tender meat wrapped in sautéed herbs and crispy puff pastry

Roastbeef with Cervia salt

The ideal recipe for a tasty and quickly prepared second course

Chiudi menu
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