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Fundamentally, on purchase fresh crustaceans should be shiny and alive if possible, they can put in the fridge or freezer. However, it is necessary to conserve them in their proper containers and use them within a short time.
  • Lobster
    itis a crustacean of noteworthy dimensions, it has two big pincers, one of which is bigger than the other. It has a blue colour with yellow streaks on its back. On average it is 30 cm long and is caught in the north Adriatic. It is one of the most popular and most delicious crustaceans.
  • Tiger prawns
    a type of prawn which lives mainly on muddy sea-beds near the coast or in the outlet of rivers. It has a grey or dark yellow colour and is under great demand; it is for this reason that it is also breed with excellent results.
  • Scampi
    a crustacean with a pinkish colour, it lives on sandy or muddy sea-beds. It has a long body and a robust shell with long, strong pincers, it is fished especially in the Adriatic and in the Tirreno. It is a fundamental speciality in our local fish dishes.

    Passages from booklets distributed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Department of commercial policies, General Management for fishing and aquaculture

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