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Molluscs are important for a healthy diet, in fact they are rich in unsaturated fatty acids which are advantageous to our health and they also contain a notable quantity of zinc, magnesium and iron. Before buying them we must be certain of their quality.

They must always be alive on purchase and closed in proper packaging. Never buy them loose, regulations regarding their production and commercialisation have been introduced to protect the health of consumers. One of these rules requires the compulsory packaging in small sacks carrying the CEE sanitary seal of approval which allows the origins of its preparation and delivery, and the date of packaging, to be identified. There are different species of molluscs.
We recognise the following as the main ones:

  • Scallop
    a small shell shaped like a fan which particularly loves sandy and muddy sea-beds, it is able to move at a discreet speed even for long stretches. Scallops should be washed for a long time to eliminate all residues of sand. Simply place them in boiling water for a few minutes to open them. It is advisable to purchase scallops which are larger than 8 cm.

  • Mussel
    a black shell with a long, oval shape. It lives attached to rocks and other solid materials in brackish water. It varies from 8-12 cm in size and has a decisive taste. When buying them pay particular attention to their origin and check that there is the CEE seal of approval on the packaging in order to avoid possible intoxication.

  • Wedge shell
    a long, small shell which loves deep, sandy sea-beds, even up to 10 m. You can evaluate their freshness by observing their reaction to stimuli. It has a particularly delicate flavour.

  • Clam
    it lives on sandy sea-beds near the coast, it has a strong taste and firm fleshy parts. It is one of the most appreciated molluscs, but it must be purchased alive in sealed packaging.

    Passages from booklets distributed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Department of commercial policies, General Management for fishing and aquaculture.

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