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Cervia's Sweet Cardoon

Cervia's Sweet Cardoon

Circuito del cardo, cardo dolce di Cervia

Sand vegetables occupy a special place among the products of Cervia's agricultural tradition.
This typical and tasty winter product is cultivated in the sandy soil fields of Pinarella.

The Cervia sweet cardoon, a particular variety of hunchback cardoon, is one of the products of the Cervia km0 basket and is still cultivated using artisanal methods handed down through generations: it is processed exclusively by hand, with attention to every detail, from preparing the soil to sowing, tying, burying and preparing the final product.

This vegetable ripens in the sand and as a result loses its bitter aftertaste and acquires an unmistakable sweetness.
The Cervia sweet cardoon is a very versatile food that can be used in an infinite number of preparations. Moreover, for its healthy effects on the body - depurative, digestive, and antioxidant action - it is much appreciated by health-conscious people and by those who seek well-being even at the table.

It is a typical winter product and is produced in small quantities. It can be purchased in the production area and in neighbouring markets, verifying its uniqueness by means of the seal that distinguishes it.

Cervia celebrates it with a fair in January. 



Fiori Giuseppe 
Pinarella, Via dei Cosmonauti 19
338 3484976

Gori Gioconda 
Pinarella, Via dei Cosmonauti 19/bis
338 9006006



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