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Piazza Garibaldi Flooring

Piazza Garibaldi Flooring

The paving of the historical centre concerns at present the square called Garibaldi and via XX Settembre, which surrounds the historical "quadrilateral" of the town.

 Piazza Garibaldi Platz The restyling works, supported by the Monuments and Fine Arts Office, was finished in May 1999.
The central square of New Cervia was originally made of cobblestones, which were completely removed and replaced by asphalt in the 50s, when the square was opened to car circulation.
On account of the greater sensitivity for the recovering of the historical town centre, the municipality decided to start a real restyling of the square.
Under the asphalt lay there were still remains of the ancient 18th century floor, and those were the basis for the recovering design, which was aimed to a harmonious fusion between the past and the present.
It was decided to realize a linear, rigid geometry, formed by three types of material, the cobblestones, as a reminder of the past, large, irregular flint and trachyte stones in order to give the design a greater geometrical continuity and make the town centre easily accessible to pedestrians and cycles.

Where: Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, Cervia

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