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Statue of Our Lady of the sea

Statue of Our Lady of the sea

inauguration day, 23rd May 2009

Madonna del MareThe statue represents a wave drawing a stick figure of the Virgin embracing the Child and was given to the City of Cervia by “Sala di Cesenatico Credito Cooperativo Bank”.

It is made of stainless steel and it is 3 m. high, the author is Architect Alessandro Savelli .

The location, on the seaside front, reminds to the people perished in the sea and is meant to ask the protection of the Virgin for all who work in the sea, as for the tourist as well

Where: Canalino I Traversa, Milano Marittima


Statue of our lady of the sea - Ph. Dany Fontana



Canalino, I Traversa - Milano Marittima
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