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The Painting of Saint Joseph

The Painting of Saint Joseph

This canvas, painted between 1625 and 1662, is probably one of the most precious works in Cervia.

San Giuseppe col Bambino


It is inside the Cathedral and is in good condition, thanks to recent restoration works.
Saint Joseph is depicted in a frontal position, holding the Child in his arms.


The Saint, standing next to a column, is wearing a dark drape and a yellow mantle, and close to him there is a twig in blossom, which was traditionally his iconographic symbol.





Saint Joseph with Child






Because of the particularly rigid, statuary attitude of his body, they have recognized the author in one of Guercino's pupils, Matteo Loves.


Very different is the Child's figure, lively and soft under the tighly pleated vest, so that it was attributed to Guercino.




Where: Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 20, Cervia


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