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The Panel of the Madonna del Pino

The Panel of the Madonna del Pino

The Madonna of the Pine-tree is a canvas of 1.10x0.65m.

Madonna del Pino

The Virgin is sitting on a throne whilst breast-feeding the Child, lying on a damask cushon on his mother's knee. She is framed by a light blue mantle reaching her feet, embroided with golden stars and decorations, under which is visible a wonderful red, pleated dress.
The Child is wrapped in a white veil, which highlights his red, golden-embroided cap.
For sure this is not the painting which, according to a legend, was found hanging on a pine tree in early 1400, where the sanctuary was built, but a later work whose origins have not been established.
It has been recently restored and shows some typical details of the Venetian school of the late 1400s, even though the several slight changes have revealed some features of the 1700s.
The most reliable supposition about it is that one of Cervia's podestàs, that was under the Venetian rule at that time, could have given the painting as a gift to honour the new sanctuary.


WhereZona Terme, custodito presso il Santuario della Madonna del Pino.

Sanctuary of the Madonna del Pino, Cervia


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