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Church of Sant' Antonio Abate

Church of Sant' Antonio Abate

This neoclassical style church in Castiglione di Cervia dates back to before the 19th century

The Church of Sant’Antonio Abate celebrates its feast day on 17 January. Founded before the 19th century, it was rebuilt in 1902 following a fire in 1875.


Church of St Anthony Abbot

The exterior

The neoclassical style of the façade features pilasters that divide the church into three modules: the two lateral modules are the narrowest and house completely bare niches.

The entire width of the building is embellished with a triangular gable; the same motif is reproduced in the entrance. The curious feature is the entrance: its position is opposed to canonical rules according to which the most holy part must face westwards and eastwards.

The interior

A single nave, brightly lit by six lunette-shaped windows on each side, with exposed brick pilasters. The meridian part is home to chapels: one dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the other to St. Joseph with Child.

Almost opposite the presbytery, stands the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, separated from the main body of the church by a door. Here, it is possible to admire a 16th century crucifix.
The statue of Saint Antonio Abate is housed inside the niche which is part of the semi-circular exposed brick apse and lit by two large rectangular windows.

The upper part of the counter-façade is embellished with an organ dating to 1640, originally from the Church of S. Maria in Vado of Ferrara, with a balcony choir which can be accessed climbing a small spiral staircase hidden by an antechamber.

To conclude, the exposed brick belltower features a large circular opening and has a dome terminal on top.


Where: Piazza Tre Martiri 24, Castiglione


Photo credit: Archdiocese of Ravenna-Cervia

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