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Villa Ragazzena at Castiglione

Villa Ragazzena at Castiglione

Villa Ragazzena is an imposing farm which stands in the middle of the country of Castiglione, 8 km from Cervia.

That area was once marshy and unhealthy, then it was drained by the Camaldolesi Friars, that built their convent there in 1562.
It is a typical country farm with a small chapel next door, which was later transformed into a church and devoted to St Joseph.
At Napoleon's time, because of the abolition of monastries, it became a private property. Still it has always kept its classic, elegant look, although for a certain period it was used as a restaurant.
It is being totally restored.

Where: Via Ragazzena Alla Villa, Castiglione

Admission: it is not possible to visit it

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