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San Lorenzo Oratory

San Lorenzo Oratory

St Laurence's Oratory is in the small town of Castiglione di Cervia, 8 km from the town.

It is part of Palazzo Castiglione and dates back to 1794. It was designed by architect Camillo Morigia to be functional to the inhabitants of the attached villa.

 San Lorenzo OratoryThe oratory displays a linear, simple façade, which was the complement of one of the palace wings.
The inner part is completely in neo-classic style, marked by a row of columns bearing the vault, while the apse links the upper part of the church with the palace through a circular passage.

In the past, it housed an altar-piece by Soleri Brancaleoni, representing St Laurence and St Nicholas from Tolentino and the image of the Virgin of the Fire held by angels. The painting is at present kept in Sant'Antonio Abate's Church in Castiglione.
Another two paintings, of the 18th century, which are now being restored, were kept inside, St Laurence's Rapture and Christ on the Cross with Angels.

Where: Via Castiglione, Castiglione di Cervia

Admission: it is not possible to visit it


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