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Church of Santa Maria del Suffragio

Church of Santa Maria del Suffragio

Santa Maria del Suffragio is one of the oldest churches in Cervia. It was built between 1717 and 1722, at the same time as the New Town and the Cathedral.

The church facade is part of the row of adjacent buildings along the main road, which cuts the town in a north-south direction and represents a sort of continuity with the latter.

Outside of the churchAs a whole, the eighteenth-century church façade looks plain and austere.

The plaster in three colours, cream yellow, pink and white, is perfectly integrated with the building fronts along the main road.

Mention should be made of the frames and of the windows which reproduce the shapes and features of the buildings by the side of the church, with a precise continuity and urban homogeneity intent.

As a matter of fact, this church was built in order to merge with the city, without being distinguishable or separated from it.

The interior, an elliptic hall, with two small chapels on the side, includes several works of historical and artistic relevance.

The most valuable among them is the fourteenth century wooden Crucifix from the Minori Conventuali Church in Cervia Vecchia.


The organ and the wooden crucifix

Moreover, above the inner entrance door, there is a very valuable Venetian organ, made by Gaetano Callido, dating back to 1788.It is one of the few “Callidos” still working in the whole region. Callido Organ

The wooden crucifix inside the church dates back to around the middle of the 14th century. According to an ancient legend, the crucifix was rescued from the sea during a storm and placed there as protection for the fishermen: for this reason it was carried in a procession held every year in February on the occasion of the Madonna del Fuoco celebration in Forlì. 

Wooden crucifix



 Where:   Corso Giuseppe Mazzini 20, Cervia


 Opening: yearly

 Admission: free


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