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San Lorenzo Oratory

San Lorenzo Oratory

St Laurence's Oratory is in the small town of Castiglione di Cervia, 8 km from the town

Cervia - St Laurence's Oratory in Castiglione

 It is part of the Palazzo Guazzi complex, of which it constitutes the left wing. The right wing, demolished after the Second World War, served as a coach house and stables.

The two side wings were built by Camillo Morigia from Ravenna in 1794, commissioned by the Guazzi family, while the palace proper already existed, the owners being the Montanari counts.

In 1790 Giovan Battista Montanari decided to bequeath the building to his nephew, Antonio Guazzi. .

The oratory has a sober and linear façade aimed at completing one of the wings of the palace.

The interior is entirely in neoclassical style punctuated by a series of columns supporting the vault; the apse connects the upper part of the church with the palace by means of a circular ambulatory.


Where: Via Castiglione 44, Castiglione di Cervia

Admission: visitable on the occasion of events



Accessible for disabled

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