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Stella Maris Church

Stella Maris Church, with its modern structure, stands among Milano Marittima's pine trees, since 1959

Stella Maris Church façade

Stella Maris Church was built in 1959, by the Franciscan Fathers and architect Carmelo Bordone, so that it's structurally more modern than the churches in the Cervia area.

Church rectory, outside

The church was built to meet the rapidly growing tourist needs of Milano Marittima after World War II.
It has a majestic external structure, thanks to the large windows present both in the entrances and in the upper part; at the entrance there is a large nave and a structure that widens into two opposite chapels: one dedicated to the Virgin and the other to the new Baptistery.

Organ of the Stella Maris




The new organ, built by Cav. Giuseppe Zanin with 44 registers and 3,000 pipes, entirely electrically driven, started the organ concerts of the 'Venerdì alla Stella Maris', an organ Festival that is renewed every year.


The five concrete arches dissolve upwards, while the side walls and the counter façade are marked at the top by a continuous line of windows and a balcony leading to an organ, inaugurated in 1970.
Inside the church it is possible to admire, thanks to the sculptor Umberto Bortolo, 14 panels of the Way of the Cross and the wooden crucifix on the background of the multi-coloured stained glass windows of the altar. Finally, the presbytery raised from the nave houses a tabernacle with a stylised cross.

Where:  III Traversa 1, Milano Marittima


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