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Salt culture

Salt culture

Armèsa de sel - Cervia's salt storage reenactment

A tradition linked to the harvest of the precious white gold. It's a time of celebration that allows to rediscover colors, traditions and flavors of Cervia's culture, as today as it was then.

Camillone Saltpan

An ancient saltpan in Cervia

from June to September

Darsena Salt Storehouse

Overlooking the salt-pan canal, opposite the Magazzino del Sale Torre, it is a significant example of industrial archaeology, linked to the salt-making tradition.

Il Tappeto Sospeso Fountain - The suspended carpet

Built in 1997 to celebrate the three hundredth anniversary of Cervia Nuova’s foundation, the fountain was designed by the Romagna poet Tonino Guerra.

Musa - Salt Museum

MUSA is an integral part of the National Museums Network

With ticket

Piazzale Salinari Square

This square has a large quadrangular shape, on which overlooks the Salt Storehouse called Darsena, of 1712.

The Burchiella of Cervia

An ancient barge used by salt workers to deliver the white gold from the salt pans to the storehouses.

The Canal Harbour

Built as a point for salt loading, the Cervia canal harbour today is one of the best equipped tourist ports along the Romagna Riviera.

The Saltworkers' village

The Borgo dei Salinari (Saltworkers' town area) is included inside the ancient walls of Old Cervia, but more properly it builds up an extension of these walls.

Torre Salt Storehouse

The Salt Storehouses can be considered as the most interesting example of industrial architecture in Cervia's territory, nowadays a very evocative venue for exhibitions, shows and events.

Via XX Settembre

This historical street is situated in the centre of Cervia.

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