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Grazia Deledda's House

Grazia Deledda's House

Grazia Deledda's house stands in Cervia, in a location between the historical centre and the sea in viale Colombo.

casa di Grazia DeleddaIt has the typical features of the early 1900's holiday cottages.
There is not much left of the scenery which stroke the writer and made her decide to buy the house to spend her holiday in Cervia for many years, not the reeds, the tamarisk trees or the sand dunes, but the "biscuit colored" house has not changed a lot, since the writer described it in some stories of hers.
When the writer died in 1936, it was sold to private buyers.

It is a private house.

 Villa Grazia Deledda

Where: Viale Cristoforo Colombo 65, Cervia

Admission: it is not possible to visit it




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