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Art and culture

Art and culture

Points of historical and artistic interest to see and discover in the Cervia area

Cervia's history is fascinating and worth discovering. Its historic centre is surrounded by an architectural quadrilateral of houses that tells about the past of a salt-tied town, where the saltpan workers' families would live.

A short walk away from the centre, outside the quadrilateral walls, the Salt Storehouses and the St Michael Tower - which once had the function of a check point over the salt trade - mirror onto the canal.

Down the port canal you get into the atmosphere of the Fishermen's Neighbourhood, characterised by a row of small terraced houses.

Paratoie Bridge

The bridge called Bulkhead Bridge is in the historical centre of Cervia and in the heart of the Fishermen's Neighbourhood.

Piazzale Salinari Square

This square has a large quadrangular shape, on which overlooks the Salt Storehouse called Darsena, of 1712.

Porta Mare (Gate to the sea)

The gate called Porta Mare, in the historical centre of Cervia.

Piazza Garibaldi Flooring

The paving of the historical centre concerns at present the square called Garibaldi and via XX Settembre, which surrounds the historical "quadrilateral" of the town.

The Fountain in Piazza Garibaldi

This fountain stands in Garibaldi Square in the historical centre of Cervia.

San Giuseppe Church

This attractive small church devoted to St Joseph is in the small village of Castiglione di Cervia, 8 km from the town.

Madonna della Neve Church

This deconsecrated church stands in the middle of the saltpans, in the area called Prato della Rosa (The Rose field) where Old Cervia stood in the past

The Measure Stone

The Measure Stone is one of the most mysterious remains coming from Old Cervia

Church of Saint Andrew apostle

Built around 1860, in the place of a parish church of the 12th century, the church of Saint Andrew is an example of neoclassicism.

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