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The pine forest of Cervia and Milano Marittima

An ancient pine forest

In olden times, the Cervia - Milano Marittima pine forest was the southern offshoot of the vast and complex forest that,
almost without interruption, stretched from south of the Reno river to the town of Cervia.

The divine thick and living forest

Since the time of the Ancient Romans, this pine forest has always been cherished as 'beautiful beyond measure among the ornaments of Italy'.

This forest, classified as a Site of Community Interest and included in the Po Delta Regional Park, is to all intents and purposes the green lung of Cervia, thanks to its 210 hectares.

Much of the pine forest was lost in the first half of the 20th century due to aggressive agricultural policies and as a consequence of the two world wars.

Fortunately, the municipal administration's awareness of the protection of green spaces after World War II allowed for numerous reforestation projects and the establishment of the Nature Park.

It represents a natural and ecological heritage of inestimable value. Praises have been sung of it from Virgil to Dante, from Byron to D'Annunzio.

In 1993, the association 'Group of Pinewood Lovers' was founded, by a few friends driven by a sincere love for the nature of their land, and they continue the purpose of care, protection, preservation and enhancement.

It collaborates with schools to stimulate attention and interest in the pine forest, greenery, ecology and the environment.


Po Delta Park

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    How to experience the Pinewood

    To this day, the Cervia Pinewood represents a heritage of considerable natural interest thanks to its highly varied ecosystem and has

    Milano Marittima Pinewood  - Ph. D. Fontanabecome a destination of excellence in the field of environmental tourism.

    The dense network of trails allows for relaxing walks and diverse activities in an unspoilt environment.

    Nature lovers will find a nature trail with illustrated notice boards and an open-air teaching room.

    Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the two running trails and gyms with exercise equipment.


    How to get there

    Located between Cervia and Milano Marittima, Pineta has the following main access points:

    • via Stazzone


    • Jelenia Gora Street, near the primary school


    • viale Ravenna, near the stadium


    • viale Nullo Baldini, near the water-scooping machine


    • viale Forlanini, near the spa

    Thematic paths

    In addition to the numerous paths already present, thematic routes have been added where each has a particular feature to discover


    Indizi per il riconoscimento delle specie


    Nella pineta di Cervia - Milano Marittima

    What is a habitat?

    It is the environment (or set of environmental factors) in which a species or plant community develops.

    Natural habitats and habitats of community interest are recognised:

    • natural habitats, are land or aquatic areas that are distinguished by their geographical, entirely natural or semi-natural characteristics.
    • habitats of community interest, are environments that are in danger of disappearing in their natural repair area, and are therefore to be protected and preserved.

    In order to preserve the environment, not everything is allowed in the pine forest: discipline of pine forest use

    The pine forest of Cervia and Milano Marittima



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