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Thematic path of fire

Forest fires 

Milano Marittima Pinewood Fire Route

Why is it called the Path of Fire?

In this area in 2021, a number of fires of probable arson origin occurred, which were promptly extinguished by fire brigade teams.

Fire damage affects vegetation, fauna, soil, atmosphere and landscape.

The signs of the flames are still visible on the bark of the logs.

The outline of the pine forest at this point is composed of Pinus domestica trees and a layer of low herbaceous and shrub vegetation, known as pioneer, which are slowly recolonising the terrain.

These are very hardy plants that are adapted to shallow, nutrient-poor soils.

These plants modify the soil and make it suitable for other, more demanding species that will establish themselves later.

The ecological importance of these species is therefore considerable.

Sensory game

If it is true that dragons had to eat pieces of coal in order to make flames,
then it must be possible to build dragons out of twigs, leaves and seeds to bring the pine forest back to life.
With these materials, which you will find on the ground, build a sculpture of your dragon along the edge of the path that brings new life to the forest.

To avoid a fire

  • do not throw cigarette butts or still lit matches, they can set the dry grass on fire
  • do not light fires in the pine forest, only use the equipped areas
  • never leave fires and always make sure they are completely extinguished before leaving
  • do not abandon waste, it is a dangerous fuel
  • do not burn stubble, straw or other agricultural residues. In a few minutes the fire could get out of control

When a fire is in progress

If flames or even smoke are spotted, immediately call 115 (Fire Brigade) or the single emergency number 112 and provide the precise information needed to locate the fire.

Look for an escape route, a road or a stream. Never stop in places where the wind is blowing to avoid being trapped in the flames.

As smoke tends to rise, to avoid breathing it, it is a good idea to lie down on the ground in a place where there is no combustible vegetation.

The fire is not a spectacle, so don't stand along the roads, it may hinder rescue and communication necessary to manage the emergency. 

Fire path

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