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Milano Marittima Liberty

Milano Marittima Liberty

A stroll through the centre of Milano Marittima looking for liberty villas

Milano Marittima Liberty, villino Palanti

From Palanti's garden city to holiday cottages.
A stroll in the liberty centre of Milano Marittima following the footsteps of its founder, Giuseppe Palanti.

The birth of the Garden City

On 14th August 1912, the newly-established Milano Marittima company signed a contract with the municipality of Cervia to build a modern holiday resort on the model of the garden city, the ideal city, in which comfort and modernity could merge with the surrounding nature. At the basis of this dream was the imaginative figure of Giuseppe Palanti, creator of the Milano Marittima master plan that is still relevant today.

The Art Nouveau villas of Milano Marittima

The villas that will be visited on the tour are located in the centre of the town so that they can be reached on foot in a pleasant stroll.

They are mostly structures from the late 1920s and early 1930s, currently subject to protective restrictions. Being privately owned private property, they will not be visited internally, but each of those touched upon by the guided tour is a specific example where architecture has merged with the surrounding nature to create a place destined to become one of the most important and original on the Riviera.

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Reservation required.
For organisational reasons, the visit requires booking and a minimum number of participants.

Info and reservations at Iat Cervia.

Meeting point Fontana Rotonda 1° Maggio.



Cervia Turismo S.r.l.
0544 972911


7th, 14th, 28th June,
12th and 26th July,
9th and 23th August,
6th September 2022



9.00 p.m.


Rotonda 1° Maggio

Milano Marittima


  • full ticket € 10,00
  • free for children up to 10 years

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