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Guided tours of the Casa delle Aie and the Botanical Garden of Forgotten Fruits

Guided tours of the Casa delle Aie and the Botanical Garden of Forgotten Fruits

The Romagna tradition of farmhouses with large threshing floors and the rediscovery of forgotten fruits

La casa delle Aie (Farmyard house), Savio


Discovering some of Cervia's traditional places, real gems with an ancient and genuine flavour: the Casa delle Aie (farmyard house) and the Botanical Garden.

The Casa delle Aie (farmyard house), a historic building designed by the great architect Camillo Morigia (1743-1795), was the home of the "pignaroli" (pine farmers), used to serve the pine forest. It is now well known as a place of Romagna gastronomy, where traditional dishes of fresh pasta, cured meats, grilled meat and piadina can be enjoyed.

Morigia is credited with designing Dante's tomb in Ravenna (1780), the Casa delle Aie in Cervia (1790) and the Oratory of San Lorenzo in Castiglione di Cervia (1794).

The visit continues among the plants in the Botanical Garden, where there are more than 40 tree species of forgotten fruits.

Guided tours in the Summer period 2023

A number of afternoon guided tours are scheduled in the summer, usually at 5.00 p.m.

  • from June to September
    (programme to be defined)

How to participate

Participation is free of charge.
Participation must be notified to Mario Stella (tel.338 3791838).


How the guided tour takes place

A historical introduction by Renato Lombardi, a local scholar, welcomes the participants, who are always very numerous.

The tour begins with the 18th-century Casa delle Aie building with Gianfranco Zavalloni as guide and cicerone.
Outside, the visit continues among the plants of the Botanical Garden of Forgotten Fruits with Alberto Zattoni as guide, with the collaboration of Antonella Casadei.

New for the 2022 edition

  • The liberation of birds of prey, taken in charge and cared for by the Ravenna Friends of Animals Association.
    From the hands of Alberto Grandi, a kestrel, an owl, a scops owl and other specimens were reintroduced into the wild.
    The Ravenna Association Friends of Animals was founded in February 2007 by former firefighters specialised in first aid, rescue, transport and care of animals in need. The recovery of wild animals is aimed at their care and reintroduction into their natural environment.
  • Beekeeper Cesare Brusi demonstrated the different stages of honey production and harvesting.
    A story about the extraordinary world of bees, from plant flowers to honey with small tastings of various types of honey as a surprise ending.
    Cesare Brusi, in his capacity as beekeeper, has been carrying out beekeeping promotion and popularisation initiatives for years. In 2021, his company was awarded the prestigious 'Tre Gocce d'Oro' (Three Golden Drops) national prize in the Grandi Mieli d'Italia competition.


Map of the Botanical Garden of Forgotten Fruits


The initiatives are a tribute to Umberto Foschi, the great historian of Cervia and Romagna, who is credited with the idea of the Botanical Garden of Forgotten Fruits.
Promoted by the Casa delle Aie Cultural Association, in collaboration with the Municipality of Cervia, Touring Club Emilia Romagna and the Cervia FAI Group.

TAuthors' places in Cerviahe programme is part of the calendar of Luoghi d'Autore (Author's Places), a project promoted by the Municipality of Cervia to valorise the places dear to writers, poets and personalities who have witnessed, over time, a special bond with the city.

The Luoghi d'Autore project is promoted by the Delegate of the Mayor Massimo Previato, with the collaboration of associations from the cultural world of Cervia.

The 2022 programme of initiatives was made possible thanks to the collaboration of:

Cervia La spiaggia ama il libro, Associazione Tolmino Baldassari, Associazione Culturale La Pantofla, Associazione Culturale Il Menocchio, Associazione Francesca Fontana, Fai-Fondo Ambiente Italiano - Gruppo di Cervia, Proloco Castiglione di Cervia, Associazione Festa, Gruppo Fotografico Musa, and others that have gradually been added to enrich the programme.

 The project is realised with the contribution of:

Gruppo Banca BCC, sponsor Luoghi d'Autore





Casa delle Aie Cervia cultural association


Summer 2023


from 5.00 p.m.


Cervia - Via Aldo Ascione


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