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Cervia Garden City

Cervia Garden City

47th edition. Europe’s largest floral outdoor art display

Cervia Garden City"Cervia takes you to the sea along its many gardens reminding of towns and cities far away”, so Tonino Guerra masterfully summed up the significance of the event.

Now in its 47th year, the 2019 “Cervia Garden City” event will be continuing the tradition of hosting the most skilful outdoor architects, technicians and gardeners from famous Italian and foreign cities, institutions and nurseries,  to create the largest pen-air floral art exhibition in Europe. Gardens, flower beds, green sculptures and all the other creations will be on show, like an outdoor exhibition that lasts all summer long, until the end of September, scuttered in different spots of Cervia, Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata.
Each year more than 300,000 plants and flowers, along with thousands of square metres of lawn are used to realize this event.

This year the event will be dedicated to Riccardo Todoli.

Cervia Garden City will present the new gardens in the last weekend of May with installations that will amaze also this year for imagination and originality of the compositions.
In addition, thanks to the collaboration with Apimondia (International Federation of Beekeepers Associations), will be proposed (from 22 to 26 May) “The Golden House of Bees”, an exhibition on the various types of hives that have welcomed bees to highlight their evolution over the last century in the historic Magazzino del Sale.

To complete the floral weekend the “Green Market” (25 and 26 May) dedicated to lovers of gardening and herbalism that will animate the old town from morning to night (from 24 to 26 May) organized by the Consortium “Cervia Centro”, an “Extemporaneous Art” by the Association Cervia meets the art and the exhibition “Spring in Bonsai” by Cervia Bonsai, in the Magazzini del Sale (from 24 to 26 May).
Also confirmed for 2019 the walks and the exhibition of painting “En plein air” in the Wood of the Duke of Altemps by Alteo Missiroli and the environmental initiatives for the enhancement of the pinewood by Renato Lombardi.



From 22 to 26 May

 Cervia - Salt Warehouse, Via Nazario Sauro 

The Golden House of Bees

Inauguration 22 May at 18:00

"The Golden House of Bees" an exhibition on the various types of hives that have welcomed the bees to highlight the evolution during the last century. Starting from the simplest materials, it was possible to modify the structure of the hives and to insert a series of sensors to detect what happens inside the hives, especially to monitor the condition of the bees due to the change in the external environment and to ensure that they are well. The monitoring devices allow you to know how the activity of collecting nectar from bees is going and then optimize the interventions and target them to specific needs of the time of the family. In this context, it can be remembered that bees make it possible to carry out a widespread monitoring of the environment and to transmit very accurate information on the state of health of the territory in which they operate and this also plays an important role for human health. The exhibition is completed by a photographic exhibition, tastings and sale of honey and you can attend the honey extraction.

From 23 May to 30 September

Cervia, Milano Marittima, Pinarella, Tagliata

Europe's largest open-air floral art exhibition

Exhibition of floral arrangements made during the month of May by more than 60 cities and institutions participating, distributed in various points of Cervia, Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata. The original gardens and floral arrangements will be maintained and cared for throughout the summer season by the Green Service of the Municipality of Cervia.

From 24 to 26 May 

Cervia - Salt Warehouses, Via Nazario Sauro

Spring in Bonsai

Exhibition of Bonsai and workshops by the “Cervia Bonsai” Association

25 and 26 May

Cervia - Historic Centre and Viale Roma

Green Market 

Nurseries, plants and flowers, bonsai, succulent plants and natural products are the protagonists of this market organized by the Consortium Cervia Center. To enrich the offer, however, there are also artistic and craft creations, pottery, vases and outdoor furniture. This is the 13th edition of the event, dedicated to lovers of gardening, herbalism and natural products. Inside of the event will also take place an Extemporaneous Art, with flowers painted on the spot in Piazza Garibaldi by painters of the Association "Cervia Meets the Art".


Cervia and Milano Marittima

Contest "Vetrine Fiorite" 2019 

A challenge between the shopkeepers of the centre of Cervia and Milano Marittima, with the title of most flowery showcase up for grabs! The competition will take place during the month of May and the winner will be decided through an online vote open to the public. This initiative has been carried out in collaboration with the Consorzio Cervia Centro and the Proloco di Milano Marittima.


Comune di Cervia - Servizio Verde


from 23rd May to 30th September 2019


Cervia, Milano Marittima, Pinarella, Tagliata


Information office

Tourist Information Office - Cervia
Torre San Michele, Via Arnaldo Evangelisti 4
0544 977194

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