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Sapore di Mare - Cervia Charity Dinner

Sapore di Mare - Cervia Charity Dinner

Dinner for the Salina. On the foreshore in a white dress

Sapore di mare - cena per la salina

A great evening in support of the Cervia Salt Pans. It will be a dinner in a white dress on the foreshore, overlooking the sea and in the centres of our beautiful locations.

The idea is to hold an event to evoke the magic of the 1960s when seaside tourism exploded and our places were full of smiles and lightness.

Those were the years when hoteliers Silvano Collina and Rudy Neumann, the first person to make the Pula-Cervia crossing, organised the famous 'lunches in the water' and spaghetti dinners in the middle of the sea, with waiters dressed up to serve tables of tourists and locals alike in the name of fun and the desire to be together. These were the years of Nino Benvenuti, Caterina Caselli, Claudia Cardinale, Walter Chiari and many other personalities who frequented our resort, and everything lives on immortalised in Sante Crepaldi's photos. This is why the municipal administration has decided to promote the initiative throughout the territory.

Today, as then, we once again need to experience the light-heartedness that only Romagna has always been able to pass on to its inhabitants and tourists.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to the recovery of this area hard hit by the flood.

How to participate?

Here is the list of participating venues


  • Royal Beach - VI Traversa, 289, Milano Marittima
  • Papeete Beach - III Traversa, 281, Milano Marittima
  • Bicio Papao - Viale Spalato, 276, Milano Marittima
  • MiMa Beach - Lungomare, 272, Milano Marittima
  • Albacore - Lungomare, 271, Milano Marittima
  • Zefiro - Viale Forlì, 268, Milano Marittima
  • Mambo Beach - Via Arrigo Boito, 237, Milano Marittima
  • Cervia Mare - Lungomare Gabriele D'Annunzio, 222/226, Cervia
  • Roma Beach - Lungomare Gabriele D'Annunzio, 215, Cervia
  • Bleck - Lungomare Gabriele D'Annunzio, 210, Cervia
  • Marco - Lungomare Grazia Deledda, 184, Cervia
  • Saretina - Lungomare Grazia Deledda, 152, Cervia


  • Caffè della Rotonda - Rotonda Primo Maggio, 2, Milano Marittima
  • Sporting - Rotonda Primo Maggio, 19, Milano Marittima



  • Micro - Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 51, Cervia
  • Teresa Salotto e Cucina - Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 40, Cervia

Part of the proceeds will be donated to the recovery of this area hard hit by the flood.


Friday 14th July 2023


Cervia, Milano Marittima

Information office

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