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Street and exhibition markets

Street and exhibition markets

The right occasion for a walk through the city centre to browse and buy something special

Each day a new opportunity

Local street markets featuring hand-made items, italian craftmanship, herbal medicines and collectibles. A pleasant occasion to browse and shop that is added to the stores and boutiques in Cervia, Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata.


  • Milano marittima - evening market ( 1st Traversa)
  • Cervia - Sole & Sale
  • Pinarella - Biological and herbs market


  • Milano Marittima - The Garden of the Simples
  • Cervia - Cervia by candlelight
  • Pinarella - evening market (viale Italia)
  • Tagliata - Exhibition of forgotten things


  • Cervia - Curiosando
  • Pinarella - Aghi di Pino


  • Cervia -  annual market ( in the morning)
  • Cervia - Borgomarina Romagna Showcase
  • Pinarella - Handicraft market


  • Cervia - Bees, butterflies, flowers of The Garden of Eden
  • Cervia -  Art in the Square
  • Cervia - evening market (viale Roma)


  • Tagliata - evening market (Piazza Gemelli)

 Art and craft markets

  • Milano Marittima - Artists' alley, along Milano Marittima canal
    from May to September
  • Cervia - Art in the Square, in Piazza Garibaldi
    from May to September, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Milano Marittima - L'Antico e le Palme
    in the summertime

To these is added the September traditional event of the European Market, a gathering of flavors from all over Europe and beyond.


The beauty of a walk through the city centre and its streets to browse and purchase something special


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