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Cervia's mussels

Cervia's marine treasure: the mussel

A 0 km organic product, tasty and with a unique texture, the Cervia mussel is a protagonist among the area's typical products.

The Mediterranean mussel ( Mytilus galloprovincialis ), commonly known as the Mussel, is a bivalve mollusc that lives in very large communities, on rocks or hard, resistant substrates, to which it adheres by means of the byssus (a keratin-based compound that solidifies on contact with water).

It possesses gill plates with which it absorbs oxygen for respiration and has the ability to retain food at the same time. In fact, it feeds mainly on plankton.

The valva (shell) is black on the outside and has tiny concentric and radial growth circles in the direction of the pointed part; the valva is composed of calcium carbonate and on the inside has a mother-of-pearl colour and a smooth surface.

To perceive the distinction between the sexes, it is sufficient to see the colouring of the adult mollusc: creamy yellow for males and orange for females.

Piatto con cozze

The qualities of the Mussel

The Cervia mussel is a true biological product bred in our sea, rich in certain substantial characteristics,
both in terms of breeding method and in terms of flavour and texture, which make it unique among international mussel production.


Mussel farming takes place 3 miles off the coast of Romagna,
in selected class A waters, quality-controlled every year to guarantee authenticity and food safety.
All this has enabled it to obtain recognition as an organic product.

Selection of Mussels

Cervia mussels are checked and selected directly on board by hand by our fishermen,
checking their size and consistency to guarantee their quality.
The supply chain is carried out according to ancient local tradition,
thanks to the care and passion of the breeders, the product is healthy, genuine and with a fine taste.

Precisely because sorting and packaging are already carried out on board fishing vessels,
guarantees that the Mussel is a totally zero-kilometre product because, as it is harvested, it arrives on the table.

Less time for delivery means more freshness for the consumer.

Mussel production and harvesting


Roped mussels can be sold on pallets or loose directly on the truck without pallets according to customer requirements.

There are generally 50 to 55 pieces per kg in rope.

This is because the environmental conditions are excellent for mussels and they get plenty of nourishment from it.


The packaged is a product separated by hand from a rope.

It is sold in bags of about 25kg and is placed on pallets.

The product is only available at certain times of the season.

The mussels are seedless but still have to be selected. They are then put on the market within a short time.

Untied wrapped

The mussels are selected directly on the boat.

This results in bags with mussels of excellent size and more uniformity.

The untied wrapped is packed in 25 kg bags and sold on pallets.

The Mussel on the Table

The mussel is proposed by chefs both in restaurants and at gastronomic events dedicated to it.

There are many dishes and recipes to enhance its flavour and that of the maritime tradition.

The classic alla marinara, a simple and tasty dish with just a few ingredients, garlic, fresh parsley, a glass of white wine and a lemon wedge, which bring out all the flavour of the shellfish.

The mussel is also the protagonist of numerous other proposals, including risottos, tagliolini allo scoglio and special bubbly encounters.



Cervia's mussels

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