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Wild grass

Wild grass

We owe the discovery of the flavour of wild grass, which at present is still widely used and appreciated, to the country. The types which appear on the farmer's tables most often are: Strigoli or Strìgul, which are ideal for using in sauces to add to pasta, Erba grassa or Erba grasa which was used in the past by the poor as salad, Rucola or Ròcla (rocket) which grows spontaneously as wild grass and is used as a fresh vegetable in mixed salads, Gelso or Zels (mulberry) an exquisite berry ideal for fruit tarts, and Prugnolo or Prugnòl, (blackthorn) a shrub with long thorns and flowers which smell like honey; its fruit, "prugnole", can be used to make a tasty jam with a sharp flavour. Thanks to the experience of the salt workers, however, Liscari or Léscar was also used, it is a type of grass which grows on the edges of the salt pans, and is excellent when steamed.

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