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Typical products


Products and flavours from Cervia and Romagna

Cervia sweet salt

The white gold produced in Cervia salt pan

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Cervia's Mussels

A bio product from farm to fork

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Cervia's Sweet Cardoon

Produced in Pinarella, from farm to fork

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Piadina (typical local bread)

Piada or pijda, crescioni or cassoni

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The quality of the bluefish

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The sweet salt in cooking

Sale di Cervia, confezioni - 400x400

A "sweet" salt for the purity of the sodium chloride and the absence of other bitter salts normally present in the sea water. 

The products for cooking are

  • Cervia salt
  • Romagna flower of salt
  • Sweet Salt "Camillone" Reserve
  • Herb flavoured salt
  • Block of natural sea salt

Cervia sweet salt products

Salina di Cervia, panoramica

The liste of quality products with Cervia salt is always growing  

  • Chocolate with Cervia's salt
  • Acervi biscuits, panettone and nougat
  • fresh cheeses, squacquerone and stracchino
  • Dolce Maggiore Parma ham
  • Salinae beer


An emotion that happens every day, at lunch and dinner

Home-made pasta

Some simple ingredients, for the first courses of the tradition: tagliatelle,cappelletti, passatelli, strozzapreti. 

Sand wine

From vines of the sands of Cervia land, as the Trebbiano di Romagna 

Flavours from our land

Wild grass as strigoli and liscari or rucola, honeydew, Prugnolino liqueur and pine nuts are flavours of our land.

Flavours of the past

Traditional recipes belong to the heritage and culture of a region, emotions and memories that come from the past

Typical products



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