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Brückner's model

Brückner's model

Milano Marittima can be considered as a “beautiful woman”, as in 1920 Giuseppe Palanti knew, did and represented.

Brückner's model

Founding Milano Marittima, the Milanese artist transformed “his preferred seaside resort” into the Milanese’s beach.


This charming woman, The Brückner’s model, the Tuscan sculptor Adriano Bimbi’s work, in the abstraction and the suspension  of the real events, crystallizes the pulsions and being of the real life as emblem of the existence. The evocative patina of the work, from the pale copper green to the “whitening” of the long dress, looks well with the chromatism of the urban context where it has been placed.


Where: Viale Antonio Gramsci, Milano Marittima


Viale Gramsci, Milano Marittima - Ph. Dany Fontana


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