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Grazia Deledda Monument

Grazia Deledda Monument

The monument stands in that part of the lungomare (sea promenade) dedicated to the poetess : the work was unveiled on 9th Sept. 1956 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of her death.

Monumento a Grazia Deledda 500_OPT


It is a work by sculptor Angelo Biancini and it is dedicated to the writer, but also to the woman who in 1927 became a honorary citizen of Cervia, thanks to her particular affection for the place and the people here.


Plaque to Grazia Deledda


The work represents two women at work, one is a water carrier and the other a fishmonger. One is from Sardinia, the other from Romagna, and they were aimed at representing differencies and similarities between these two realities.
The Sardinian woman looks massive and firm, while the Cervian figure is much softer in her attitude and in her dress, which looks like being moved by the wind.





Monument to Grazia Deledda






The contest "May in Blossom" contributes every year to give the monument a splendid flower frame, which makes it even more striking.




WhereLungomare Grazia Deledda - Cervia

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