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The Panel of Madonna della Neve by B. Longhi

The Panel of Madonna della Neve by B. Longhi

The panel representing the Madonna of the Snow is inside the Cathedral in the historical Centre in Cervia.

Painting of Our Lady of the Snows


 The painting came from Old Cervia, where it was kept in the church called Madonna della Neve, which is today deconsecrated, it was then moved to the Cathedral and today it unfortunately presents a poor conservation condition, because of the colour yelding and the woodworm holes.
The Virgin is depicted in a sitting position, wearing an unusual yellow drape and a green mantle on her head. Her face is a pinkish colour like the one of the Child, sitting on his mother's knee in a curiously screwed position. Behind their figures in the backgroud there is a verdant scenery.


Where: Cathedral, Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 20 - Cervia


Partially accessible for disabled

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