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Thematic channel path

The Cervia pine forest is bordered to the north by the salt-pan drainage canal and to the south by the drainage canal.

Created to regulate the levels of the salt pans, today they are used for recreational sporting purposes (fishing and canoe navigation).

These canals are of significant value in relation to the environment affected by the salinity of the water.

The vegetation present tolerates high salinity soils (halophilous vegetation) and, in some cases, where very permeable sand formations are present, they allow brackish water to penetrate into the pine forest, allowing the creation of another important habitat.

Along the banks of the northern canal are neatly arranged small wooden half-piles from which one can fish, so-called fishing huts.

Sensory game

To become a birdwatcher, it is essential to make your passage as discreet as possible and to keep your voice low,
be patient and be prepared for sightings, the canals are very busy with water birds.
If you are lucky, you will be able to observe: Great White Egret, Shelduck, Wigeon, Teal, Pintail, Avocet and Sandpiper.



The Cervia Salt Pans

The Cervia salt mine is the smallest and northernmost salt mine in Italy.

Consisting of over 50 basins, it covers 872 hectares and is surrounded by a canal of over 14 kilometres, which allows water from the Adriatic Sea to flow in and out of the salt extraction basins.

Let in from the tributary canal, located in Milano Marittima, the sea water is circulated in the canals that run through the entire Cervia area.

From passage to passage, it is made to drain, evaporate and concentrate to the point where salt is formed.

The entire area has always been a natural population and nesting reserve for many animal and plant species.

In the visitor centre, topics related to salt are explored in depth: its production, its importance in human history, and the Salina ecosystem.

It is possible to visit the salt pans with a guide, on foot, by electric boat, by bicycle or with the little train, and aperitifs with sweet salt products from Cervia, with the starting point at the Visitors' Centre

Channel path

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