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Ecotone Theme Path

Environment in transition

Milano Marittima Pinewood ecotone pathwayThe area you pass through is a changing environment, here the pine forest is sparse, the undergrowth low, the bushes still very young and very slender.

Different stages of forest can be observed, due to recent reforestation.

The distance between young trees brings more light to the ground, resulting in various spontaneous heliophilous (sun-loving) shrub formations found in shady areas.

Sometimes ecotones arise due to certain situations such as:

  • a fire
  • a flood
  • the crash of trees
  • events that cause a sudden change in lighting conditions
  • soil fertility and moisture, resulting in the re-establishment of species there

For an animal, living in an ecotonal area means having access to two very different environments, and taking advantage of one or the other of these places according to its needs.

Sensory game

If you want to enrich the undergrowth of the pine forest, so that more plants colonise
search for and collect acorns and pine cones along the path, turn your back to the pine forest,
make a wish and throw what you have collected as far behind you as possible.

Milano Marittima pinewood ecotone pathway

The ecotone

An ecotone is a transitional environment between two ecosystems and more generally between two homogeneous environments.

Ecotone is formed when the conditions that allow vegetation to grow suddenly change.

The species present in an ecotone are the same as those of neighbouring communities to which new species exclusive to the ecotonal area itself are added.

It therefore possesses a higher biodiversity and richness as it is a place of refuge and sustenance for a greater number of insects ("entomofauna") and birds ("avifauna").


Ecotone pathway

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