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Thematic path of natural evolution 

Milano Marittima pinewood path of natural evolution


The one you are standing in is the end portion of the pine forest devastated by the waterspout that struck the Cervesi Coast in July 2019.

Here, the event spared a few patches of shrubs and a few trees in the now vacant areas,

the development of interesting plant formations other than those hitherto present was observed,

which have a more thermophilic character (loving warmer and drier climates),

perhaps due to the significant climatic changes of the last 20 years.

To study this natural evolutionary tendency, it was decided to let nature act freely, according to the principle of self-generation.

This area will be monitored over the years in order to understand which habitats have consolidated and to set the future management of the pine forest

Sensory game

Herbaceous components predominate in this area; it is a large expanse of flowers and bushes.
What season is it? What are the colours of the blooms?
How many colours can you see?

The natural meadow

The species we know generate a vegetal mantle in the meadow that reinforces the soils and maintains the vitality of the soil.

The greater the number of species, the more varied the flowering, the greater the ecological value of the meadow.

The richness of the herbaceous species is in fact linked to a similar richness of insects and smaller animals and birds.

A lawn is 'rich' when there are twenty or thirty different essences in just a few square metres.



Path of natural evolution

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