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Thematic path of rebirth

Changes after the whirlwind

This route runs along the central paths of the Cervia pine forest, where the waterspout of 10 July 2019 caused the felling of 2.5 km of inland pine forest, covering an area of 30 hectares, uprooting more than 5,000 trees.

Immediate plans were made to rebuild the compromised forest fabric with two different strategies depending on the degree of devastation produced by the waterspout: reforestation with native tree species where the pine forest was completely wiped out.

Where, on the other hand, patches of vegetation (forest nuclei) were spared, it was preferred to leave it to nature, favouring the triggering of natural forest dynamics of self-generation.

In these areas, there will be a rapid evolution: from consortia consisting only of herbaceous species, there will be a transition to situations of shrub and then tree vegetation, until a good ecostructural stability of the renaissance pine forest is achieved.

Intervention strategy

Rebirth path

Sensory game

Nature is a valuable and indispensable resource for psychophysical balance,
to contribute to the rebirth of the pine forest, collect leaves, twigs and fruit from the ground,
when you have collected enough material, try composing a piece of land art along the edge of the path,
you can make carpets of shapes, animals or fantastic creatures, let the rebirth begin!

Path of Rebirth

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