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Shows and musical entertainment in Pinarella - June 2024

Shows and musical entertainment in Pinarella - June 2024

Shows and music in Pinarella

Shows and musical entertainment in Pinarella-Ph.Daniele Zarri

JUNE 2024

Friday 14th June

Piazza Unità - 9 pm

Music with I Vasconvolti

Vasco Rossi Tribute Band since 2007. The band covers the greatest hits in an energetic and exciting show.

Tuesday 18th June

Piazza Unità  - 9 pm

Serata musicale con i Boomers

Cover band from Ravenna that performs timeless classics of Italian music in a rock style.

Thursday 20th June

Via Emilia angolo Viale Italia - 9 pm

I frustatori Cassani

Romagna in celebration with the Romagna whips to the rhythm of music. The group, founded in the 1980s, performs in squares and festivals to keep alive an ancient tradition linked to jobs that are no longer practised.

Friday 21st June

Piazza Unità -9 pm

Musical evening with con Energia Alternativa

Five professionals and friends on stage take the audience on a live musical journey through time, into the timeless 60s/70s/80s. The group plays songs by Battisti, Nomadi, Dik Dik, Lucio Dalla, I Giganti, Equipe 84, Pooh and Claudio Baglioni.
On drums Giacomo Corcelli, guitar and singing Luciano Corcelli, bass player and singing Federico Sartini, keyboards and singing Rossano Scaioli, singer Roberto Serra

Friday 28th June

Piazza Repubblica - 9 pm

Musical evening with Sofia e Ale

Repertoire of songs ranging from the 80s and 90s to today's hits, both Italian and foreign.

A rich programme of events and entertainment in Pinarella

A calendar of initiatives dedicated to adults and children


And then there is the Concert of the Cervia Town Band on 16th July, the Concert of the Cervia Town Grand Orchestra on 2nd August, Retro Pine Needles (Aghi di Pino Retrò), Summer Christmas, Bimbo Bell Show, the new Fantasy and Magic, and Meditative walks in the pine forest.


from Friday 14th to Friday 28th June 2024




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