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Artistic Nativity scene

Artistic Nativity scene

A moving multimedia Nativity on the façade of the Stella Maris Church in Milano Marittima

Presepe artistico, proiezione facciata Stella Maris

The Artistic Crib of Milano Marittima, as on the eve of the Centenary of Milano Marittima, is presented in its original location, on the façade of the Stella Maris Church.

The Crib is characterised by an evocative multisensory animation, creatively elaborated with a rich play of colours, lights and music, which tells, in an emotional and evocative way, the Nativity through the re-elaboration of the work of Giotto and his contemporaries. The images, projected in a 'frame' on the façade of the Stella Maris Church, narrate the most salient moments of the Nativity, from the Annunciation to the adoration of the Magi who came to Bethlehem guided by the Star of the Comet.

The scenographic installation was created on a special artistic project, curated by the students of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts on the occasion of the centenary of the site in 2012.


from Saturday 3rd December 2022 to Sunday 8th January 2023


projection from sunset to 10.30 pm


Stella Maris Church Square

Milano Marittima - III Traversa



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