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Nativity scene in the Church of St. Anthony

Nativity scene in the Church of St. Anthony

Wooden and terracotta statues, with fabric clothes
Presepe nella Chesa di Sant'Antonio, Natività
For some years now, the church of Sant'Antonio has been offering a nativity scene made up of statues from the mechanical nativity scene originally displayed in the Suffragio church. These statues are about 70 cm high, made of wood with terracotta heads and hands, created by a group of people from Cervia many years ago.
They are dressed in fabric clothes made by the same group. In addition to the nativity, which expresses some movements, there are other typical characters of the nativity scene, including shepherds.
Presepe nella Chiesa di Sant'Antonio, Re Magi


from 24th December 2023 to 7th January 2024


Church of Saint Anthony of Padua

Cervia - Via G. Di Vittorio

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