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Dawn sailing

Dawn sailing

Sunrise sailing from the port of Cervia

Sunrise sailing from the port of Cervia - Ph. Barbara Cholewa

Competitive sailing event, open to all boats, starting at sunrise in front of the port of Cervia, on a fixed course of 10 miles north of Cervia and finishing outside the port itself. Born for fun, as a meeting between a few friends, the Levata all'Alba, the only sailing event in which the departure is not marked by the stopwatch but by nature, is now in its fifth edition and is establishing itself for its fascinating and original setting with an increasing number of participants (in 2020 twenty-four boats), and the now traditional Colazione Romagnola.

The initiative includes three different moments
- sporting events at sea
- recreational-gastronomic activities in Piazzale Maffei, under the San Michele Tower
- historical exhibition inside the salt warehouses


from 26th to 28th August 2022


6.00 a.m.

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