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Piadina stands

Piadina stands

Cervia and its surrounding area is characterized by the presence of a large number and variety of piadina stands, where piadina is hand made and sold. The stands resemble the area’s beach cabins and are painted with large, vertical, coloured stripes.

Cervia was the avant-garde of the Romagna Riviera in its design of these stands. Until the ‘60’s piadina was only eaten in the trattorias found in the surrounding countryside or in the ‘homes’ where the bread was made by the “azdore” using traditional methods. Later piadina stands were placed in strategic locations, along the roads and streets more frequently travelled. Arising from the need to rationalize the system, to define locations and to set up hygiene standards, the city council of Cervia in 1982 approved a new law for the production and sales of piadina. The new law recognised the characteristics of the local tradesmen and working in this field.

The design project rights for the new stands were given to the engineers Praderio and Santi, who were to present an idea which portrayed a coordinated and united image of this service and highlighted its local, historical and cultural value. The project which was created had the motto: “Sapore di mare” – flavours from the sea, and offered the “cabina da spiaggia” – a beach cabin, with its roof in the form of an ‘A’ and its sides with wood slats painted in a variety of colours. In this way the stands represented the area’s beach cabins, which are a symbol of the local tourism.


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