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The Beata Chiara di Rimini Panel

The Beata Chiara di Rimini Panel

This panel was painted between 1544 and 1618 and represents the blessed Chiara whilst receiving from Christ through Saint John's hand a diploma with a lead bull, and Jesus, accompanied by the Apostles, who is blessing her.

Santa Chiara 250



The blessed is wearing a grey dress with a black veil on her head, like the ones usually worn by the Clarisse nuns, in fact the painting originally came from the Clarisse convent in Rimini.
The metaphisical architecture in the background is particularly interesting and for sure it was made by Francesco Longhi, while Chiara's figure was attributed to his sixteen year old daughter, Barbara.


Where: Cathedral, Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi - Cervia


Partially accessible for disabled

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