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Artistic works

Artistic works

Brückner's model

Milano Marittima can be considered as a “beautiful woman”, as in 1920 Giuseppe Palanti knew, did and represented.

Statue of Our Lady of the sea

inauguration day, 23rd May 2009

Wooden Crucifix of the Suffragio Church

It is one of the most valuable pieces of our town's heritage, it can be admired inside the church called Del Suffragio in the historical centre.

The Painting of Saint Joseph

This canvas, painted between 1625 and 1662, is probably one of the most precious works in Cervia.

Lancia Assunta

The first boat recognized as part of National Cultural Heritage.

The Measure Stone

The Measure Stone is one of the most mysterious remains coming from Old Cervia

The statue Thalàtta

The statue called Thalàtta, The Sea Woman, is outside St Michael's Tower, on its south side

The Velario - The Ancient Curtain in the Town Theatre

The Cervia theatre painted veil shows a particular view of the town.

The Beata Chiara di Rimini Panel

This panel was painted between 1544 and 1618 and represents the blessed Chiara whilst receiving from Christ through Saint John's hand a diploma with a lead bull, and Jesus, accompanied by the Apostles, who is blessing her.

The Panel of Madonna della Neve by B. Longhi

The panel representing the Madonna of the Snow is inside the Cathedral in the historical Centre in Cervia.

Grazia Deledda Monument

The monument stands in that part of the lungomare (sea promenade) dedicated to the poetess : the work was unveiled on 9th Sept. 1956 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of her death.

Callido Organ - Suffragio Church

The Organ by Callido can meritoriously be considered as one of the worthiest artistic pieces in the whole territory.

The Madonna Assunta Statue - Town Hall

The decision to provide the Town Hall with a statue dedicated to the Assumption Madonna, and to place it in a railing balcony, was made in a communal assemby in 1754.

The Panel of the Madonna del Pino

The Madonna of the Pine-tree is a canvas of 1.10x0.65m.

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