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Salt ponds at your arrival, a flock of flamingos takes flight over you, to your left you see a salt mound, to the right salt workers are busy harvesting it.
A taste of history awaits you in the centre's Quadrilatero and in the area surrounding the Salt Storehouses. The fishermen village nearby with all the houses lined up in front of the canal. Maritime life and salt workers, two cultures at odds with each other in the past are reunited today to describe the soul of a vibrant and friendly city.

A city perfectly integrated with its vast green areas. Embraced by over 300 hectares of pine forests and 827 hectares of salt marsh, it is a true natural oasis rich in birdlife.

Cordiality, hospitality and Romagna gastronomy are expressed in the professionalism of the operators, in the care of the services, in the spontaneity of the smiles that will welcome you this year as never before, with those hugs that we cannot give you now but you can read them in the eyes of each of us.



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Cervia all-round virtual experience 

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The Cervia canal harbour, ph. Angela Raggi



Cervia lies on the Romagna Riviera, between the sea, salt marshes and pinewoods. An area where nature and culture coexist and are within reach.

The saltpan is the cradle of white gold; the pine forest is home to typical fauna and flora, while the beach, with its fine sand and blue flag sea, is the ideal place to regain energy.

Cervia is for everyone, a friendly town, hospitable and welcoming when you get to know it, happy when you return.

A treasure chest full of history and traditions to be discovered and treasured.

Here you can experience a year full of events. From great sport to music, from entertainment to culture, appointments immersed in the Po Delta Park or by the sea, from sunrise to sunset.


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Musa, Salt Museum

Get to to know the salt-workers job

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Saltworker for a day

Discover the secrets of salt work

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Cervia Venezia Bike Trail

Follow the ancient Salt Route

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Cervia Adventure Park

Fly among the centenary pines

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Sunset in the salt pan

The most magical horizon ever

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Aperitif with fishermen

Discover the tradition of the sea

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Christmas Literary urban trekking

Discovering authors who have celebrated Cervia

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Dinner with local products

Taste the flavours of Romagna: piadina, fresh pasta and traditional desserts

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