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Cervia, books on the beach - 32nd edition

Cervia, books on the beach - 32nd edition

Meetings with the authors of the latest literary successes


Cervia, books on the beach

from Wednesday 10th July to Thursday 15th August 2024

The series of meetings with the authors of the latest literary successes, the beach landing and the Ferragosto talk show are back.

Cervia, books on the beach, meetings

Literature, the sea and the city meet in Cervia

From 10th July to 14th August the 32nd edition of the cultural event Cervia, book on the beach, a literary container where the written text becomes a spoken book.
A parterre of big names from the journalistic, literary, and artistic worlds meet in this new edition, which has culture in its various forms as its leitmotif.

The guests of the 32nd edition

The first names of the 2024 events have been unveiled:

Marino Bartoletti, Roberta Scorranese, Federica Bosco, Enrico Franceschini, Arrigo Sacchi, Cristina Marconi, Roberto Cucchi, Serena Bortone, Cochi Ponzoni, Marco Pesatori and Stefano Bon.

These guests will be joined by many others when the final programme is published.


The festival concludes on 15th August with the Mid-August with the author

Writers will descend onto Cervia beach from historic boats for a day of sea and literature.

First appointment

Wednesday 10th July 2024

Torre San Michele di Cervia 9.15 p.m.

Journalist and writer Beppe Boni interviews journalist and writer Marino Bartoletti


from 10th July to 15th August 2024


Cervia - Milano Marittima - Pinarella - Tagliata


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