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Sea Wedding

Sea Wedding

578th edition. This celebration has been going on in Cervia ever since 1445. The ancient rite and tradition.

A very old and traditional event, it is one of the most beloved in the town. It has now come to its 578th edition but its ancient rite celebration at the sea and its fishing-of-the-ring challange, where young Cervia residents try to get the "trophy" bringing good luck and prosperity have lost none of their atmosphere.

Sea Wedding, throwing of the ringThis important event, one of the oldest in Italy, returns on 29th May. The Archbishop of the Diocese of Ravenna and Cervia goes out to sea on a fishing boat, blesses the Adriatic Sea and gives a gold ring to the waters, continuing the vow made in 1445 by the then Bishop of Cervia Pietro Barbo who, according to legend, found himself in a storm on his return from Venice and pledged his pastoral ring, asking the waters to calm down.

An event with an ancient flavour that usually involves the whole town and that on Sunday starts from Cervia's main square, Piazza Garibaldi, where the historical procession is formed, with lords, bishops, ladies and mayors parading in sumptuous period costumes, accompanying the ring that will be thrown as a pledge to the sea in the historic ceremony of the "marriage of the town with the waters of the Adriatic".

Fine clothes and accessories for the historical procession

The creation of new clothes and accessories by skilled artisans from Bologna and Venice theatre tailors further enhance the intangible cultural heritage that this event represents for Cervia.

As a result of careful research, new costumes have been made that are true to the historical period represented.

Among the characters: the Doge of Venice Francesco Foscari, Novello Malatesta, then Lord of Cervia, with his wife Violante da Montefeltro, the Podestà of Cervia and the Lady of the Ring who will wear a dress with gold embroidered decorations and a cloak with a train of more than 5 metres that will be supported by two ladies.

The procession, made up of institutional representatives, historical figures, banners and citizens, will head towards the canal port for one of the most eagerly awaited moments of the event, the gift of the ring to the sea by the Archbishop and the city authorities.

As is traditional every year, young swimmers will compete to fish out the ring that will bring good luck for a whole year to the whole town and to whoever manages to retrieve it.

The date of the festival is engraved on the inside of the golden ring, which will remain in the possession of the cleverest swimmer, while long ribbons, one tricolour and one with the colours of Cervia, yellow and blue, will allow the user to follow the trajectory during the launch into the sea.


 Sea Wedding, blessing of the Adriatic Sea




Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May 2022



Town historical centre




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