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10 things to do in Spring

10 things to do in Spring

Nature is blooming, the days are getting longer and the sun is starting to warm up....


Are you looking forward to spending a few days outdoors? Feel like relaxing by the sea?

The beach of Cervia

Here is a list of the ideas we suggest for your stay in Cervia in springtime.

Cervia is waiting for you!

Let yourself be inspired by these suggestions and come and live the most suitable experience in the city of salt, amidst the blue of the sea and the green of nature.

Obey, make art not war, poster exhibition in Cervia

1. Obey Make Art Not War

After last year's success with the exhibition Made in New York. Keith Haring (subway drawings), Paolo Buggiani and the true origin of street art, a new event dedicated to street art arrives in Cervia.

From 17th February to 4th June, the Torre Saltware will host Obey Make Art Not War, a journey through the most iconic works of Shepard Fairey, aka Obey.

An unmissable opportunity to stay a few days in the city of salt and discover what it has in store for you.

Cultural and sporting events, routes to discover history and traditions, guided tours of the salt pans and nature, a sea of experiences.

Visit the website, find out what you can do and take a look at the proposals designed for you.



Artevento Cervia - International Kite Festival, kites on the beach - Ph. Caterina Capelli2. A walk between sea and kites

When the sun starts to warm up and the days get longer, there is nothing better than a walk barefoot on the sand, a few steps from the sea.
The sound of the waves, the scent of salt, the air of freedom: the best atmosphere of relaxation that only a walk along the sea can offer.

What better occasion in the days of the International Kite Festival?
In the skies of Pinarella, Artevento's kites will be fluttering again from 21st April to 1st May.

We also recommend a stroll along the seafront in Milano Marittima or along the Cervia canal, in Borgo Marina, where historic boats alternate with fishermen's boats.

Cervia Salt Pan3. Cervia's Salt Pan, southern part of Po Delta Park

If you do not know this corner of paradise, you cannot say you know Cervia. This is where the whole history of the city originated, with the ancient Ficocle.
This is where Cervia's sweet salt, that is now famous all over the world, is gathered.

The Salt Pan is the southern gateway to the Park of the Po Delta, a protected oasis where flamingos, avocets and black-winged stilts live.
From 1st April, the Visitor Center organizes activities in perfect harmony with nature: birdwatching, walks on the edge of the salt pans, pedaling to the salt mountains, excursions by electric boat or canoe.
Situated just outside the city centre, and easily visible from the main roads leading to the city, the Salina is the first visiting card for those who reach Cervia by car.

A few glimpses along the way reveal a precious treasure to be discovered calmly and in all its beauty.

Discover all the richness of Cervia's nature with the scheduled guided tours from Saturday 1st April.


Butterfly house - Ph. Florio Badocchi4. The House of Butterflies

Idyllically set just in the heart of the pinewood forest of Cervia and Milano Marittima, the House of Butterflies is home to hundreds of spectacularly coloured butterflies coming from the tropical regions of Africa, Asia, America and Australia.

Along the footpaths it is possible to admire them from close up, resting on flowers or on the large leaves of typical tropical shrubs.

From April, every Sunday morning, the First Free Flight is on stage. You can witness, live, the magical moment when the newly hatched butterflies open their wings.

An enchanting spectacle of nature that you can't miss!



Natural Park of Cervia5. Cervia's Natural Park

Idyllically set just in the heart of Milano Marittima, Cervia's Natural Park, a 27-hectare-large pinewood forest, is an unspoiled natural oasis where visitors will have the possibility to spend pleasant moments of relax and tranquillity while enjoying total contact with nature and animals.

Inside you can walk along the botanical trails, have a picnic in a meadow or in the equipped area and visit the different species of animals present in the Old Farm area.

One area of the park is dedicated to CerviAvventura, an adventure park with suspended tree trails suitable for everyone, adults and children.
Fun guaranteed, in complete safety. Here you can experience feeling like Tarzan for a day!

The Nature Park opens on 4th March.
CerviAvventura opens on 1st April.





Jogging in the pinewood6. Excursions in the pine forest

The centuries-old pinewood forests of Cervia and Milano Marittima and the coastal pinewood forests of Pinarella and Tagliata are the ideal holiday destinations for those interested in enjoying open-air activities.
Walk, jog or cycle surrounded by nature, which is reborn after a long winter.

Hillside landscape - Ph. Alberto Monti7. Bike excursions

Cervia proposes slow-bike itineraries to discover nature, art and taste.
Tourists will have the possibility to ride across the city's streets, through the lush pinewood forest, up to Ravenna and its mosaics or, for expert cyclists, to reach the charming villages of the hills of Romagna situated a short distance from Cervia, such as BertinoroBrisighella and Castrocaro.
They range from simple itineraries that are suitable for everybody to the most demanding ones for expert cyclists, from routes that last few hours to those that last days, from the sea to the hills or from Cervia to Venice along the ancient Salt Route.

On 2nd April an eagerly awaited event returns, the Granfondo Via del Sale, with routes suitable for everyone, discovering the hills of Romagna and, from 31 March, the Cervia seafront becomes a two-wheel Expo.

Maps and gpx tracks are available for all the routes so that you can organize your tour independently.
Otherwise, you can contact the Tourist Information Office  (tel. +39 0544 72424) to plan a guided tour.




6. Tennis e Golf8. A game of tennis or golf

If you feel like playing and learning a new sport, we suggest you play tennis or try a few holes of golf, with the possibility to choose the driving range.

Discover our tennis courts and the 27-hole course at the Adriatic Golf Club
Come have fun and challenge your friends! 


Spa and wellness9. A bath at the Spa or a few hours in a Spa

After a barefoot walk across the sand, a picnic in the Natural Park or a bike ride across the pinewood forest, what could be better than ending a relaxing day in spring?
A relaxing bath in the thermal waters or in the hotel spa is just what you need.
The Cervia Spas open on 2nd May and offer various proposals for pampering yourself and enjoying a moment of pure well-being and tranquillity.

Tagliatelle with meat sauce

 Cozza di Cervia

10. Fish, Piadina, Typical dishes and Wine

To enrich the day, for lunch or dinner, you can not miss the local specialties and products: the blue fish of the Adriatic, the piadina romagnola (in a winning combination with cured ham, squacquerone and rocket salad), a plate of cappelletti in broth or tagliatelle with meat sauce, all accompanied by a good glass of red wine.

The must-have:

Not to be missed, Taste Riviera "Incozzati", from 21st to 25th April in Tagliata, on the Riviera dei Pini, and the Cervia mussel festival, from 30th May to 4th June

Two opportunities to taste typical fish dishes and the renowned Cervia mussel, in an environment surrounded by greenery or in the characteristic atmosphere of the Borgomarina in Cervia.

Chiudi menu
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