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Not to be missed
International Kite Festival

International Kite Festival
On the beach of Pinarella you can see countless kites in unexpected shapes and sizes for the 34thedition of this event from 24th April to 4th May

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Events in evidence
  • International Guitar Festival "Luigi Legnani"
    From 19-04-2014 to 24-05-2014
    International Guitar Festival "Luigi Legnani" (Events and initiatives - Music)

    19th edition

    The events of the Luigi Legnani International Guitar Festival start in April thus giving chances to world-famous young talents and music maestros.

  • Slow Spring 2014
    From 21-03-2014 to 22-06-2014
    Slow Spring 2014 (Events and initiatives - Multiple events)

    From 21st March to 22nd June, a rich calendar of environmental events: field, boat, cycling, horse riding trips, exhibitions, worshops, films, laboratories, guided visits to discover the most suggestive naturalistic places in Po Delta Park and in Cervia’s area.

  • art gallery
    From 11-04-2014 to 11-05-2014
    Art waves (Events and initiatives - Exhibitions)

    Open air art gallery

    An art exhibition in the shop windows of the centre of Milano Marittima

  • Claudia Cardinale
    From 18-04-2014 to 18-05-2014
    Pais del cinema (Events and initiatives - Exhibitions)

    Exhibition of photos and movie posters about the Italian cinema of the sixties

  • eggs
    Easter workshop (Events and initiatives - Courses, work experience, workshops)

    A hunt for "Butterflies' treasures": their eggs and the small inhabitants. Microscopic analysis of the butterfly eggs and their amazing wings

  • From 25-04-2014 to 27-04-2014
    The taste coast (Events and initiatives - Folklore, Festivals)

    The renowned mussel from Cervia, local products and handycrafts, music and entertainment

  • Organise your holiday in Cervia looking out the huge number of events during the whole next year and finding helpful information about hotels and places to stay in Cervia.

  • The geographical position of Cervia and its nearby places seems to be perfect to let visitors enjoy this part of Romagna

  • Wellness, both physical and mental, is probably the most important added value, which visitors can get while staying in these places

  • Cervia and its nearby places are especially lively as far as culture and a great respect for traditions is concerned

  • Ever since its origins, Cervia has had very strong and inseparable ties with nature. The story holds that when the city was surrounded by forests and woods